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Ancient Egyptians were thought to have lacked innovative skills as far as their quarries were concerned. But archeologists James Harrel and Per Storemyr have taken a closer look at tools and organization of ancient times. The bottom line: particularly the New Kingdom, from about 3,500 years ago took the Egyptians and their quarries to new heights in quarrying technology.

Latest news: The program of the fair „Stone“ in Poznan, Poland, (November 18 – 21, 2015) is available for download

Street artists are infamous for picking up inspiration from the street and going their own way with it.

A cobblestone museum enriches Albion in the US-State of New York.

 Desktop lamp in marble and onyx as produced by Thomas Bigazzi. The material originates from around the world. The lamps are produced in Italy (Italian).

A drone was used to scan the Hemlock Stone in Stapleford, England and to find answers to the question if it was man-made or the result of natural erosion, the BBC reports.

A new issue of the Building Stone Magazine is available for online reading.

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) has a Pre-Black Friday Sale in its Bookstore until November 30, 2015.

A big stone slab has been found near Volgograd in Russia. Current speculations include its origin as a UFO.

„100% Norway“ is the name of a Norwegian initiative with the aim of increasing the popularity of Norwegian trade marks. Lundhs is one of the participating partners (1, 2).

„Vertical Churches“ is the name photographer Richard Silver has given his snapshots of church vaults.

An animation shows wind eddies which could alter the weather on our planet and which seafarers have been using for centuries. Rotate the globe with the aid of your mouse.

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