Art: „Moving pictures“

(February 2010) „Levander Stenar“ literally „Living Stone“ is the title of the homepage and its content. Marinel Isak, whom we take this occasion to introduce as a mosaic artist, loves „moving pictures“, e.g. the mare with its foal. By trade he is a stonemason and also works as a tiler. His affinity to mosaic work was more or less coincidental and emerged when he playfully set waste pieces of stone side by side.

Many of his motifs are derived from the world of flora and fauna. Many came to fruition on commission e.g. the salmon mosaic made for a fish restaurant, or the horse serving as a inlaid floor for a horse farm and the trees and flowers, which adorn the wall of bathrooms or wellness areas.

Of course the Viking figures prominently in his repertoire. After all, Isak was born and bred in Jönköping in Sweden and Viking motifs are a sure seller.

The artworks are pieced together from marble chips of various sorts and colours. Isak purchases the necessary pieces from China, Italy or Turkey. The mosaic business is a fledgling enterprise and he is still looking for customers as he wrote in a recent mail.

Levande Stenar (Swedish)

Photos: Marinel Isak