Design: Let her rip!

(February 2010) Eye catchers at the most recent design fairs were mainly solitary stand-alone stone sinks. The „Talamo“ collection by Antonio Lupi is unique in producing a line of products that can be attached side by side. The fixtures also feature a horizontal surface and a towel holder. They are availabe with or without pedastal. Their designer is Domenico de Palo employing Apricena limestone.

The „Acqua“ line is also produced by Antonio Lupi. It was designed by Paolo Armenise and Silvia Nerbi using Carrara marble.

I Conci of Italy has named one of its objects „Piega“. Designer Arlo Martino employed Bianco Statuario marble. „Kriny“ is the name of a line of products bearing stone or metal legs and a pedestal which can be crafted from stone in accordance to the client’s wishes. Our photo shows a piece made of Giallo Solare lime stone. The designer is Stefano Bizzarri.

Stefano Bizzarri who also draws concepts for I Conci’s „Nilo“. From the availabe stone types, we chose a piece crafted in Samarcada Linestone.

Another example for stand-alone sinks is „Swing“ by the Spanish company Sanico Porcelanas, designed by Waren Nacho Lavernia and Alberto Cienfuegos. The fixtures are available in a range of marble types or other stone. „Faro“ is another development by the same desiners using the same range of material.

Sener Bayyurt of the Turkish based Bayyurt Company has conceived a sink and tray in a sort of triptic: the pedestal, above it, the tray, or shelf, and to top it all off, the sink itself whereby all three elements are independent of one another. For this project the pristine white limestone and Scarlett marble were employed.

And finally: British based Murano Company proves that even the banal can be designed with pomp. We have examples of bathtub drains with detailed marble coverings. Of course other parts of the collection can be made of stone, even semi-precious stone by the way.

Photos: Companies