Peter Randall-Page: „The One and The Many“ at Fitzroy Place, London

„The One and The Many“ in situ at the recently completed Fitzroy Place development. Photo: Thomas Randall-Page

Carved from a 25 ton, 3.5 meter high granite boulder the sculpture is inscribed with early and modern systems of writing

Commissioned for the recently opened Fitzroy Place, London „The One and The Many“ by sculptor Peter-Randall-Page is primarily a celebration of human ingenuity and imagination. Embracing many cultures, the sculpture is situated in the heart of Fitzrovia, an area with a rich and vibrant cultural history and thriving creative community.

Carved from a 25 ton, 3.5 meter high naturally eroded granite boulder the sculpture is inscribed over it’s entire surface with marks carved in low relief representing writing systems from the earliest cuneiform script (active 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia) to those still in use today.

The texts themselves are creation stories from various cultures, each conveyed in their own writing systems.

„The One and The Many“ (detail). Photo: Mike Smallcombe

„The One and The Many“ powerfully expresses the artist’s passion for the way in which we imbue the world with human meaning through our creativity and imagination and the mark making which has been fundamental to the way we communicate our thoughts and ideas from our ancestors to the present day.

The sculpture is permanently located at Fitzroy Place, Pearson Square, off Mortimer Street, London W1T 3BF and was commissioned by Exemplar and Aviva, developers of Fitzroy Place in the heart of Fitzrovia and project managed by Patrick Morey-Burrows of ArtSource.

Peter Randall-Page working on the sculpture in his studio. Photo: Aislinn McNamara

More information about the project and English translations of the inscribed texts can be found on a website.

An interview with the artist talking about his early career, those who have inspired and influenced him and some of his latest projects on Sulcptorvox.

Peter Randall-Page

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