„New Year’s Brunch“: simultaneous meetings in 18 countries to discuss contemporary three dimensional art

In some places visits to artists’ studios are part of the program of the „New Year’s Brunch“. Photo: Bernd Stieghorst / Sculpture Network

On January 24, 2016 the European-based Sculpture Network brings together people for an international exchange of ideas

For the 7th time, Sculpture Network organizes it „News Year’s Brunch on January 24, 2016. Artists and people interested in contemporary three dimensional art will have a get-together to exchange ideas, network and celebrate sculpture in all its varieties. There will be 58 venues in 18 countries, mostly in Europe but also in the US, Venezuela and Bangladesh.

The event starts at 11 a.m. (Central European Time, CET).

A peculiarity of the meeting is that its venues are virtually linked: Participants can share photos, videos and comments by posting them under #newyearsbrunch16 or #natureforsculpture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These messages will be shown live on screens in 18 countries.

Participation is free. The venues can be found an Sculpture Network’s webpage (see below). The participants have to pay the food at the brunch.

Sculpture Network is a European platform for three-dimensional art and a non-profit organization for the support, encouragement and promotion of contemporary sculpture. At the moment, it has 1000 member from 40 countries. They are artists, art professionals, art mediators, organizations, institutions and friends of the arts.

2016 Venues

Sculpture Network

(19.12.2015, USA: 12.19.2015)