Marmomacc 2015: „Lithic Vertigo“

Architects and designers are busy developing new ideas for the upwardly mobile in stone, e.g. stone steps

„Lithic Vertigo“ was the title one of the Marmomacc 2015’s „Italian Stone Theatre“-presentations. The stage was set for architects and designers in the process of reaching upward – a constant challenge. Natural stone is ideal for the job: every era has its typical and representative stairwells.

The project’s curator, architect Vincenzo Pavan, invited internationally renowned designers and Italian Companies to take a new look at this age-old theme.
We show photos and renderings of the drafts and ideas and publish the official descriptions.

Marmomacc 2016, September 28th – October 1st

Fotos / Renderings: Marmomacc

(20.12.2015, USA: 12.20.2015)