Marmomacc 2015: „Carpets of Stone“

Hall 1 of the Trade Fair showed ideas by international designers for natural stone in pavement

„Carpets of Stone“ was the name of the presentation within the framework of Marmomacc 2015’s „Italian Stone Theatre“. Curators Raffaello Galiotto and Vincenzo Pavan had invited international designers to develop ideas for pavement in natural stone.

In ancient times, highly frequented roads played a very important role in trade and communication, e.g. the Via Appia used by the Romans to forward oxcarts loaded with goods from ports in Southern Italy’s harbors to the Capital. The roads were also used as a thoroughfare for express messengers carrying the most important news from army camps around the Mediterranean to the Senate in Rome.

Stone slabs from old sidewalks bear the wear and tear of time and document the time-line with their chipped corners and ragged edges. The historic city center of Verona would not be what it is, were it not for the opulent marble paving.

To this very day cobblestone mosaic is often lifted from its surrounding frame.
We show photos and renderings of the drafts and ideas and publish the official descriptions.

Marmomacc 2016, September 28th – October 1st

Photos: Marmomacc / Peter Becker

(23.12.2015, USA: 12.23.2015)