US-National Park Service launches Building Stone Database

Well documented are the different types of US-marbles in the Lincoln Memorial, here seen from Washington Monument, the world’s highest building in natural stone. Photo: Ad Meskens / Wikimedia Commons

Documentation of marbles, granites and more used in American buildings and monuments

Natural stones used in American buildings and monuments are documented in a recently launched database by the US-National Park Service. In December 2015 it contained more than 130 sorts from the US and a few from the United Kingdom. The website named the „National Building Stone Database“ gives the location of the quarry and its status (active or not), the names of the producers, a description of the stone and much more.

The National Park Service writes on its webpage: „The database is a work in progress. We’re continually working to expand our catalog of stones and improve the functionality of the web site.“

National Building Stone Database

Information about submitting stone samples

(24.12.2015, USA: 12.24.2015)