Languedoc Roussillion: photography of natural stone competition

Category Quarries, 1st Prize: Hugo Comte, Farrusseng quarry, Beaulieu (Hérault).

The Farmhouse Heritage Foundation of France (Maisons Paysannes de France), Languedoc Roussillion section, has called out a photo competition to aid in its quest for conservation of heritage farmhouses. Specifically in this context natural stone as a building material is the pivotal point of the competition.

The invitation was open to one and all to submit photos in one or more of seven categories: quarries, heritage, building today, exterior design, sculptures and stone masonry. The main prize was a camera. Other prizes were stone objects by the School of Art.

The trade magazine Pierre Actual reported at length on the subject in its September issue. Editor in Chief, Claude Gargi, involved in the organization and member of competition’s jury, praised the initiative of the Mediterranean region with Montpellier as capital as it succeeded to present the stone branch in a new light. He pointed out that many submissions were presented by students of architecture.

Maisons Paysannes de France (French)

Pierre Actual, download report for 5 € (French)

Photos: Pierre Actual

Category Quarries, 2nd Prize: Marc Pougaud, La Peyrière quarry, St-Jean-de-Védas (Hérault).Category Quarries, 3rd Prize: Michèle Méric, Cournonsec quarry, Montpellier (Hérault).Category Building Today, 1st Prize: Daniel Goupy, dry stone wall, Ventajols (Lozère).Category Building Today, 2nd Prize: Elsa Borrut, marriage of materials: massive stones, gabions, wood, École Beethoven, Montpellier.Category Building Today, 3rd Prize: Pierre de Bazelaire, house in massive stone, Uzès (Gard).Category Exterior Design, 1st Prize: Vanessa Roussel, stone and water at the avenue Feuchères in the city of Nîmes.Category Exterior Design, 2nd Prize: Jean-Pierre Gallos, dry stone wall, Balsiège (Lozère).Category Exterior Design, 3rd Prize: Pauline Luporini, installation for a stonemason’s studio, Vers quarry (Gard).Category Heritage (landscape), 1st Prize: Daniel Goupy, dome in dry stone (Gard).Category Heritage (landscape), 2nd Prize: Denis André, baking oven for bread in dry stone, Moissac/Vallée-Française (Lozère).Category Heritage (landscape), 3rd Prize: Yannick Tétard, Orri in dry stone, Cassagnes (Pyrénées-Orientales).Category Heritage (buildings), 1st Prize: Yannick Tétard, Pont du Diable, Céret (Pyrénées-Orientales).Category Heritage (buildings), 2nd Prize: Fanny Bachevalier, choir in the Cistercian Monastery of Vignogoul in Pignan (Hérault).Category Heritage (buildings), 3rd Prize: Michèle Méric, stone leaves in the vestibule of the the Cathedral Saint-Pierre, Montpellier.Category Heritage (sculptures), 1st Prize: Fanny Bachevalier, the shadow of the stone, atelier Frédéric Matan, Le Pouget (Hérault).Category Heritage (sculptures), 2nd Prize: Michèle Méric, the kid and the lion, J-A Injalbert, Jardin du Peyrou, Montpellier.Category Heritage (sculptures), 3rd Prize: Elsa Borrut, detail at the château de Teillan, Aimargues (Gard).Category Heritage (stone masonry), 1st Prize: Elsa Borrut, traces of know-how engraved in stone.Category Heritage (stone masonry), 2nd Prize: Fanny Bachevalier, between sky and stone, Nissan-lez-Ensérune (Hérault).Category Heritage (stone masonry), 3rd Prize: Pauline Luporini, stone saw, Soc quarry, Vers (Gard).The winners.

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