Love, peace, and prosperity for 2016 wishes its readers and clients a happy and prosperous New Year is taking a few days off: Our next issue will appear on January 5th 2016. Have a happy new year.

A hearty thanks to all our readers for the many wonderful natural-stone-ideas from around the globe which we used for our publication.

To this effect: „Il Capo“ the title of a documentary by Yuri Ancarani on work in the Carrara marble quarries. The trailer shows impressive scenes demonstrating how workers communicate by means of minute hand signs. The director admits: „Marble quarries are places so unbelievable and striking, they almost feel like they are big theaters or sets“ (Video, 1).

Thank you all. We are looking forward to 2016.

Peter Becker, editor
Suzanna Multhaupt (English)
Alexandra Becker (Italiano)
Eva Martín Martínez (Español)
Marcelo Oliveira da Silva (Português)

(30.12.2015, USA: 12.30.2015)