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„Stone’s DNA“ has been categorized and deciphered by the French Centre Technique de Matériaux de Construction. According to a newly developed method, petrographic, geochemical and magnetic markers can be used to positively identify the provenance of stone. A databank is currently being compiled (French).

Latest news: Destination „Marble“ – ways to the stone trade fair in Izmir, Turkey (March 23 – 26, 2016).

Molars as decorative objects by sculptor Lucas Müller.

26 over-sized granite stones and 8645 concrete sculptures are part of the memorial parks of Jutland’s Maritime War Museum, Denmark. It calls to memory ships and their crews which went down during the Battle of Skagerrak during WWI (1,2).

New Webpage:
* British magazine Stone Specialist (before: Natural Stone Specialist).
* Beltrami Pierres Naturelles (French).

Fila Surface Care Solutions: a new product by Italian FILANoRust Company, suitable for use on marble and limestone. A video shows step-by-step instructions for use. Another new product is the solvent-free, water repellant protector by the name of FILAHydrorep Eco (Video, 1).

Seven luxury hotels are part of a vacation resort by the name of Salalah Beach, already partially completed by the Sultanate of Oman and positioned in the Indian Ocean.

Pibamarmi, Vittorio Longheu.„Piano di Posa“ is the name of a new bathroom collection by Italian Pibamarmi Company comprising marble shower tubs and sinks and complimentary oak elements. Designer was Vittorio Longheu, inspired by Giorgio Morandi’s paintings and sketches.

Nur Englisch The Geological Society of America has put online the first chapters of „Geoscience for the Public Good and Global Development: Toward a Sustainable Future“. Download for free is possible for the chapter „Beyond Sustainability: A Restorative Approach for the Mineral Industry“.
Greg Wessel,

Drywalls: the upcoming events of the Fédération Française des Professionelles de la Pierre Sèche are compiled on a website of the Trade Organization (French).

Video of the Month: „Dancing stones“ is the name Belgian Sculptor Gerard Kuipers gave some of his pieces. The stones are so skillfully balanced that a mere breeze or the lightest touch sets them moving (Video, 1).

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