Turkish sculptor Serdar Kaynak has made duality one of his central themes

Serdar Kaynak: „Truth Circle“.

The artist is particularly interested in the duality of contrast and reciprocal dependence

Turkish sculptor Serdar Kaynak conveyed that he was no master of the English language when we contacted him on the phone but we encouraged him to tell us something about himself. In the end our English was barely sufficient to understand all he had to tell us in his curriculum.

The basic question is: should this be a problem? Must the editors of Stone-Ideas.com comment each and every artist?

In the case of Serdar Kaynak we politely decline.

Serdar Kaynak: „Go Get Going“.

Just a few key points of interest: his place of birth is the city of Çorum. He completed his studies of fine arts at the Anadolo University in Eskişehir and obtained his master’s degree at Mimar Sinan University Istanbul. He boasts a number of exhibits and many of his works adorn public spaces, museums and private homes. Serdar Kaznak works from his studio in Istanbul.

His key theme is duality which interests him particularly because of the contrasts and interdependence.

Serdar Kaynak (Turkish)

Photos: Serdar Kaynak

Serdar Kaynak: left: „Zipper“, right: „Naive 2“.Serdar Kaynak: left: „Naive 1“, right: „Eternal Journey“.Serdar Kaynak: „Encounter“.Serdar Kaynak: „Encounter“.Serdar Kaynak: „Deep Passion“.Serdar Kaynak: „Until The Last Moment“.Serdar Kaynak.

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