Marmo Trilogy – a project in which natural stone and resin join to a new form of interaction

Moreno Ratti, CMV Marmi: „Sospesa“.

Italian designer Moreno Ratti wants to direct focus away from marble slabs from industrialized production

Demand for marble and other natural stone took a one-way road in the last decades: slabs had to be tall, thin and uniform. The wish behind this demand came from architects who used the material for large surface cladding.

As a result a great amount of waste was left behind in quarries, or to be more precise: a great amount of waste was produced.

In the last couple of decades voices of critics have become louder and more numerous; voices of those who want to back away from natural stone, which so perfect that it looks almost as if it was engineered industrially.

Moreno Ratti, CMV Marmi: „Sospesa“.

Italian designer Moreno Ratti in cooperation with CMV Marmi Company has launched the Marmo Trilogy-project, which is all about looking for alternative possibilities.

A first result of this creative brain-storming is the „Sospesa“ (suspended) collection. These are vases imbedded in resin blocks, seemingly hovering in nothingness. The stone material implemented is waste.

The philosophy behind the product: the striving for increasingly thin layers necessitated using resin for reinforcement. Moreno Ratti sets this trend topsy-turvy: marble and resin are bound and visibly married.

Moreno Ratti, CMV Marmi: „Sospesa“.

Also: had producers cut a vase from a stone block, the waste would have been what is now the surrounding resin.

The title of the project is „Trilogy“ and refers to the steps in the innovation: the idea, the planning, and the implementation. We impatiently look forward to what lies ahead – unfortunately little is revealed on the homepage until now.

Moreno Ratti

Marmo Trilogy

Fotos: Matteo Palmierini

Moreno Ratti, CMV Marmi: „Sospesa“.

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