4th Stone Carvers’ Festival in the Russian region of Perm Kray

The Stone Carvers’ Festival is an exciting event in the life of the people from the Red Yasil village and from Perm Kray. Photos: Mr. Сhuprikov

From July 4th to 9th, 2016 a competition, master classes, visits to carvers’ exhibitions and more will be held near the Ural mountains

Stone carvers’ company „Gerda Sky” Llc (Art Sky) sent us the following information:

„The Forth Stone Carvers’ Festival will be held in the first decade of July, 4-9, 2016, in Red Yasil village of Perm Kray.

Stone Carvers Festival is an exciting event in the life of the village and of Perm Kray, overall. It is the time when stone carvers can meet and share experience. It is the time to arrange stone carving competitions and find the wizard in this craft, to take master classes and visit stone carvers’ exhibitions and trade fairs.

The festival will last for six days. By the end of it, stone carvers will get their ideas complete in stone, and the winners will take their awards.

Food and living is free for the participants.

People of all ages will be working on stone during the festival.

Stone carvers will work in the open area of the park at the stone carvers’ workshop. The craftsmen are provided with necessary optional equipment, tents and power supply 220 volt for work. Each stone carver is supplied with 1 m³ of limestone.

The foundation of a stone carvers’ enterprise followed the First Stone Carvers Festival, which gave the village new working places.

The second Festival put into practice the dream of the natives to establish a „Stone Park”. Thanks to the park, the village became a unique place in Perm Kray. It is a place of interest, indeed. The stone carvers’ festival became known in many regions in Russia and in the CIS countries, the former member states of the Soviet Union.

The history of the stone carving art has its origin lying very deep in the past. Nevertheless, it is inseparable from the present times. Stone carving traditions are still a wonder.

The festival aims at saving stone carving traditions and at making the craftsmanship popular. Besides, the event endeavors to attract attention to the beauty of the stone carving art.

The Stone Carving Festival strives for talents and creative ideas. The goal the festival pursues is to bring up the sense of beauty in young generation. Learning local traditions and the culture of your native people is vital in raising children.

We invite everyone to take part in our festival and try your skills in our Forth Stone Carving Festival.”

Contact: Gerda Sky company
Tel: +7 902-63-91-384, +7 922-3100-792, +7 342 261-8-441

In the Red Yasil village many stone artists live and work.

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