Draenert: Natural stone and leather, both in intense colors

Draenert 2016.

German company specializing in exclusive design furniture plays the design gamut with eye-catching stone

One of Draenert Company’s novelties this year is the color palate for the leather upholstering of chairs. The collection was presented at the IMM Cologne (18th to 24th January 2016).

Draenert 2016.Draenert 2016.

We took this as a cue to peruse the company catalogue and look for examples of brightly colored leather in combination with eye-catching stone types. Some maintain that interior designers work with white marble mainly because you can’t go wrong with white.

Far bottom, two examples of stone furniture in unusual hues.


Photo/Renderings: Draenert

Draenert 2016.Draenert 2016.Draenert 2016.Draenert 2016.Draenert 2016.Draenert 2016.

(26.03.2016, USA: 03.26.2016)