Laboratorio del Marmo: „Samurai“ and „Shiodome“ – new tables on stone foundations

Giandomenico Sandri, Laboratorio del Marmo: „Samurai“.

Italian design studio sees objects as functional sculptures

Grassi Pietre Company’s design brand name Laboratorio del Marmo (LDM) sets itself apart with transient boundaries between art and product design. In the case of „Samurai“ and „Shiodome“, Grassi Pietre’s two new tables by designer Giandomenico Sandri, this means that the foot or foundation of the tables are sculptures in their own right.

Off-white Pietra de Vicenza was implemented. Grassi Pietre quarries its own stone half way between Verona and Venice.

Giandomenico Sandri, Laboratorio del Marmo: „Samurai“.

The table top is mounted on a metal, chrome-finished surface. The design is reminiscent of Japanese samurai swords.

Giandomenico Sandri, Laboratorio del Marmo: „Shiodome“.

Shiodome is the name of a Tokyo district.

Giandomenico Sandri, Laboratorio del Marmo: „Shiodome“.

Laboratorio del Marmo (LDM) has been producing furniture and complements for interior and exterior use since 1973. Three collections run in parallel to one another, one oriented along the lines of classical sculptures, the second along the lines of modern design forms, and last but not least, the third, which deals with garden and outdoor furniture and garden design.

Grassi Pietre, a family business founded in 1850, purchased the LDM design studio based in Nanto, just over 2 years ago. Another design brand by Grassi Pietre is Artena Design.

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Photos: Grassi Pietre