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Call for submissions for the UX Design Award of the Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin

From wake-up light alarm clocks to smart phones to electronic toothbrushes – our everyday life is shaped by objects that provide us with an increasing variety of options and complex functions. On the one hand, designers face the challenge to develop intuitive interfaces: The newly added features should enrich the user experience rather than leaving customers confused. On the other hand, designers need to come up with features that are beneficial and meaningful to users in the first place.

The UX Design Awards encourage a holistic design that focuses on the wishes and needs of users from the very beginning of the design process to the end.

Designers, companies and agencies are invited to submit their user-oriented products and services until April 29. The annual competition of International Design Center Berlin awards outstanding design solutions with a strong focus on user experience. All nominated product solutions and services will be exhibited at IFA, the global fair for consumer electronics, in Berlin from September 2-7, 2016.

Submissions should excel in one or several of the following areas due to their user experience design:
* Connectivity: Creating smart systems, connected things and services
* Productivity: Adding structure or efficiency to daily activities
* Communication: Connecting people and communities
* Engagement: Activating, raising awareness, capturing attention
* Improvement: Improving quality of life, health and human abilities
* Sharing: Enhancing access, participation and knowledge sharing
* Disruption: Redefining products or services
* Privacy: Emphasizing data protection, advancing digital security

UX Design Awards

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