Marble Trade Fair in Izmir: presentations even more opulent than last year‘s

<a href=""target="_blank">Yüce Marble</a>. Photo: Izfas

Last year’s growing pains were a thing of the past at this second event at the new venue

Izmir’s Marble Trade Fair (March 23rd – 26th 2016) was held for the second time at the new venue. Last year’s growing pains were a thing of the past and all but forgotten. And a number of presentations were even more opulent than last year’s.

Pity that we can show but a small selection of the magnificently staged presentations as our photo equipment cannot capture house-sized exhibits.
Two companies in particular deserve special mention:

<a href=""target="_blank">Polmer Stone</a>. Photo: Peter Becker

* Polmer Stone exhibited a number of travertine stone slabs with perforations extending throughout several slabs one behind the other.

Fahri Madencilik <a href=""target="_blank">(Mail)</a>. Photo: Peter Becker

* Fahri Madencilik presented a wild collection of stone in every possible size and shape, reminiscent of stone waste from quarries.

To date we have seen nothing of the kind at stone fairs. The presentations are remarkable because they demonstrate what efforts are needed to bring a value added stone product to the consumer.

This year’s Fair, the 22nd, welcomed 46,798 visitors, 6,226 of which came from abroad. The total number of visitors was up 4% from last year’s count. 1,103 exhibitors represented their companies. The fairgrounds encompass some 139,000 m².

Marble, March 23rd – 26th, 2016

<a href=""target="_blank">Faber</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Alacakaya Marble and Mining</a>. Photo: Izfas<a href=""target="_blank">Nero Picasso</a>. Photo: EBA Mer-Ma.<a href=""target="_blank">Federal Mermer</a>. Photo: Izfas<a href=""target="_blank"> Granitas</a>. Photo: Peter Becker<a href=""target="_blank">Alimoglu Marble</a>. Photo: Peter Becker<a href=""target="_blank">Alimoglu Marble</a>. Photo: Peter Becker<a href=""target="_blank">EsMer Marble</a>. Photo: Peter Becker<a href=""target="_blank">Fimar Marble</a>. Photos: Peter Becker<a href=""target="_blank">Umut Marble and Travertine</a>.Marble Izmir 2016. Photo: Peter BeckerMarble Izmir 2016. Photo: IzfasMarble Izmir 2016. Photo: Izfas




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