Wall tiles with 3-D effects in natural stone

Assos Marble.

Turkish-based Assos Marble showed out-of-the-ordinary design products at the Izmir Trade Fair

Fascinating wall tiles with 3-D effects were presented by Turkish-bases Assos Marble Company as a novelty at the Izmir Trade Fair (March 23rd to 26th 2016). The family enterprise whose members jointly created the new design product has been developing ideas for innovative design in natural stone since it was founded in 2004.

The webpage „Rölyef & Deco“ is a forerunner of the new ideas, understandable even for those of us not fluent in Turkish.

Assos Marble.

The affinity to visual effects as a distinguishing factor of Assos Marble may originate from its location between Izmir and Bursa: Mount Ida is in close proximity the location from which Zeus is said to have watched the Trojan Battles of yore.

Assos Marble.

Next to design products the company entertains a production department for raw blocks and slabs.

Assos Marble

Assos Mining

Assos Marble.Assos Marble. Assos Marble.

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