Milan as World Capital of Design

Doorstoppers by <a href=""target="_blank">Raffaele Familari</a>. Ventura Lambrate.

During the Salone del Mobile creative spirits from all over the world show their best products

It is no exaggeration to describe Milan as the „world’s design capital“ during the city’s Salone del Mobile. The Fair itself is not the only venue where avant-garde companies present themselves to potential clients. The city center offers a number of focal points where design plays a central part under the title Fuorisalone (translated: fair outside the fair):

* In the Brera District in the city’s center smaller companies open their showrooms and mid-sized companies rent space in galleries to show their wares;
* In the via Tortona and via Savona the latest products of special brands are put in scene;
* Other centers of focus are the Spazio Rossana Orlandi, the Triennale building and the inner court of Statale University;
* Maroncelli District is a new appearance;
* the Ventura Lambrate, where young designers present themselves solo or with their schools of design, has been a well-known venue for the past 7 years. This year 935 mostly young designers presented 161 projects, many in a shop where they rented extra space or in one case sharing space in an entire production factory.

We show some of the works that caught our eye – most in natural stone.


Ventura Lambrate

Tortona Design Week

Brera Design District

Maroncelli District

Photos: Ventura Lambrate / companies / Peter Becker

Tabletop and lampshade. Ceren Dabag: „One“, <a href=""target="_blank">Form & Seek</a>. Ventura Lambrate.Back-lit with reinforced structure. <a href=""target="_blank">Studio Mike Meijer</a>. Ventura Lambrate.Sphere made of refuse. „Making is Thinking is Making: New Korean Craft“, Triennale di Milano.Compression Sofa Marble (Design: <a href=""target="_blank">Paul Cocksedge</a>). 6 t Marble couch with a seating surface made of foam rubber... Via Tortona... and reversed, foam-rubber couch with marble seating. Via Tortona.Unusual doorstoppers. <a href=""target="_blank">Plueer Smitt</a>. Spazio Rossana Orlandi.Atelier <a href=""target="_blank">Khaled Elmays</a>. Ventura Lambrate.Beatrice Cordara (<a href=""target="_blank">Mail</a>). Ventura Lambrate. <a href=""target="_blank">Galina Arbeli</a>. Via Tortona.„Blausee“, Dimitri Bähler. <a href=""target="_blank">NOV Gallery</a>. Spazio Rossana Orlandi.„Carrière & Lizzatura“, Laurent Divorne. <a href=""target="_blank">NOV Gallery</a>. Spazio Rossana Orlandi.„Reflexion“, Ulysse Martel, Milos Ristin. <a href=" "target="_blank">NOV Gallery</a>. Spazio Rossana Orlandi. <a href=""target="_blank">Levi Sarha</a>: „Drill Lamps“. Exhibition „A matter of perception: Tradition & technology<a href=""target="_blank">Morà Eyewear</a>.<a href=""target="_blank">Morà Eyewear</a>.

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