Everyday products made of stone bear in themselves an immense chance to promote marble, granite etc

Objects made of stone for everyday usage permanently appeal to their owners by shouting „Look at me how beautiful I am“. That is pure promotion. The shark fins on the photo are door stoppers designed by James Irvine for <a href="http://www.edizioni.marsotto.com/en/products/accessories/1111/squalo"target="_blank">Marsotto Edizioni</a>.

At the 1st Sustainable Stone Conference during the Carrara Marmotec trade fair, Peter Becker from Stone-Ideas.com lectured about Ecodesign

The stone sector must do more for the recycling of its materials simply because its competitors, ceramics and engineered stone, are promoting their own efforts in this field so much. This was one of the key phrases in the speech of Peter Becker from Stone-Ideas.com at the 1st Sustainable Stone Conference held during the Marmotec Fair in Carrara on May 20, 2016. The topic of his key-lecture was Ecodesign.

Another important aspect of his speech was the potential of promotion which lies in product design: if the stone sector would invade the households with objects for everyday use (like the door stoppers shown above and below), these items would permanently attract attention to natural stone, simply because marble, granite etc are so beautiful and 100% natural.

Could an initiative like Cash for Clunkers help the stone sector to better point out the recycling-potential of its material and at the same time raise sales, was a question Peter Becker raised.

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1st Sustainable Stone Conference, Carrara, May 20, 2016

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These door stoppers by <a href=" http://www.raffaelefamilari.it"target="_blank">Raffaele Familari</a> make a smart usage of the weight which is typical for stone.

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