Fila has developed a new method to combat stains on natural stone

If natural stone is known to be susceptible to staining, permanent damage can be prevented with the aid of sealants.

The SCM Staincheck-Method enables users to reliably estimate the future progress of staining in every-day use of natural stone

Allowing buyers to estimate the future progress of staining and vulnerability of natural stone prior to purchase was the declared aim of Italian-based Chemical Specialist Fila Company and its SCM Staincheck Method. For the first time, architects and contractors can ward off unpleasant surprises after installing flooring and wall cladding.

However the assertion uses neither a gage nor is the method implemented by stonemasons on site. The client brings or sends a sample of the stone to the nearest Fila-Representative from where it is sent to the company headquarters where the sample is submitted to a series of tests involving staining of the material.

With the help of key substances applied to the sample, changes in the material, often invisible to the naked eye, are monitored.

With this method results are objective and reliable.

Fila SCM Staincheck Method at work.

Fila Company sees the SCM Staincheck Method as one more block in its modular service-system which includes support in choosing the right stone for a given project.

Clients can choose to purchase the complete package or single modules including the SCM Staincheck Method.

The Fila research team.

Some typical problem areas involving stone staining are:
* What if red wine drips on the stone flooring of a high-class hotel but the mishap is noticed only the next day?
* Would lemon juice on a stone countertop leave lasting marks
* Can sealing natural stone in a pool area or hotel lobby, e.g., prevent permanent staining?

The regional Fila-Representative can be found in the middle of the company homepage under „Store Locator“.

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Photos: Fila

Detlev Hill (left), one of the developers of the SCM Staincheck Method, and Francesco Pettenon, director of sales at Fila world-wide.

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