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France 2017: a new Natural Stone Trade Fair, Rocalia will take place. The show is to be held from December 5th to 7th in conjunction with the Garden Fair Paysalia in Lyon. Trade Magazine Pierre Actual has described the concept in English ready for downloading. The Fair’s focus is on architecture and interior architecture using natural stone (1, 2).

Wonasa, the World Natural Stone Organization, has published a unique poster on its web page to illustrate the formation process of stone types in a timespan of millions or even billions of years. The tenor is uniqueness of marble and consorts.

Wood in the ascendant: a competition for a town district built entirely of wood in Sweden’s Örebro has nominated C.F. Moeller Architects for best submission.

„Cochlea“. Photo: Altenburger„Cochlea“ is the name of a sculpture by British-German artist Ekkehard Altenburger. The sculpture was permanently installed at the end of Wharf Street in Greenwich and is a stylized reproduction of the human cochlea. Three types of granite from Africa, Europe and America were implemented. The sculpture was placed strategically in a spot on the banks of the River Thames subject to much noise pollution.

„Stories in Stone“ is a £2 million four-year program of conservation and community projects focused on the Ingleborough area . It is funded by the UK-Heritage Lottery Fund and will support the conservation of the area’s natural and historical heritage, give people a better understanding of it, improve access to it and train people to manage it.

The Spanish Cosentino Group is poised to hike the turnover in engineered stone from its current level of 5% to 20% in 2019. The Group has earmarked investments of some 380 million for 2017 and will cross the 1 billion €-threshold.

Video of the month: scientists have discovered circles on fragments of stalagmites and stalactites in a cave in France. Perhaps they were carved by Neanderthal Man. It is a known fact that this form of illustrative expression was known to early civilizations but later died out (Video, 1).

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