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One of Stonehenge’s greatest secrets is: how did man transport the colossal rocks 200 miles from Wales to England? In a joint effort, professors and students of the University College of London fabricated a type of sleigh gliding over timber segments and found the task quite easy to accomplish according to the Telegraph.

Latest news about the Brexit: Could England become the stone workbench for the continent? In British magazine „Stone Specialist“’s latest newsletter a company located close to London asks „Why go to Italy for your stone fabrication?“ and offers its services. The advert was planned long before the Brexit – but could it contain an interesting perspective for England’s stone sector? Arguments for the idea are: competitive prices for exportation due to the low Pound Sterling, and easy and cheap access to the continent by ship. Arguments against: salaries are high in GB, at least on the avarage.

France’s Region of Volvic has a volcanic history and great deposits of lava rock. The stone decorated with enamel as demonstrated on a blog (French). We had described the technique previously (1, 2).

In Croatia’s capital Zagreb Dragodid Association has held a seminar.

New webpage: Antonio Rosales, sculptor (Spanish).

„Bella Mesa“. Photo: Clan Milano„Bella Mesa“ is the name designer Alessandro La Spada has given his table, realized by Clan Milano, a producer and vendor of exclusive interior design. The material implemented is Port Black Marble. The table measures 180 x 80 x 74 cm. The slab is poised on an aluminum frame. The in-ward facing surfaces of the table legs are mirrors (1, 2).

Pumice stone as insulation between wooden walls has been implemented in a building in Ecuador.

Jean-Marie Massaud was one of the designers solicited to design unusual taps for Hansgrohe’s Axor line. Massaud chose marble of his model called „Mimicry“ (1, 2).

Fiandre, Italian producer of large engineered stone slabs (300 x 150 cm), has produced and published a video on its Ad Hoc Integrated System.

New design and cladding in limestone has been applied to the Verdun Mémorial, commemorating one of the fiercest battles of WWI: it began on Feb. 21st 1916 and went on for the next 300 days and nights with up to 10 detonations of heavy artillery per second for 12 continuous hours. Hundreds of thousands were wounded or lost their lives. Many lost their mind.

How engineered stone Dekton is produced. Video by Cosentino Group.

Video of the month: „Magic Stone Soap“ is all the craze in Korea. The soap vaguely reminiscent of marble, is said to be mild but effective. The black variety contains charcoal (1, 2, 3).

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