Fifth Design Competition of Turkey’s natural stone association IMIB

Professional designers, decorative items, First Prize: Müge Öztürk.

The opulently endowed contest once more opened the way household items in marble, travertine etc.

Some 500 submissions made up this year’s IMIB Design-Competition which took place under the auspices of Turkey’s natural stone association IMIB. 258 entries originated from professional studios and 248 from students. The object was to create and produce household items made of local stone.

This was the fifth competition of its kind. The coveted first prize in the professional designers’ class was endowed with 15,000.00 Turkish Lira (TRY) (US-$ 5,120, € 4,554.00). The second and third prizes carried purses of 10,000.00 TRY (or US-$ 3,415.00, € 3,036.00) and 7,500.00 TRY (US-$ 2,560.00, € 2,277.00) respectively, whereby the purses were newly distributed this year. Students’ purses were, as last year, endowed with 10,000.00 TRY (US-$ 3,415.00, € 3,036.00) for first prize, 5,000.00 TRY (US-$ 1,708.00, € 1,518.00) for second, and 2,500.00 TRY (US-$ 854.00, € 759.00) for third prize respectively.

The branch had high expectations as had been made clear by IMIB-President Ali Kahyaoğlu at the end of last year’s competition: the object was to design and develop marketable objects. Kahyaoğlu was less direct in this year’s presentation pointing out the unique opportunity for designers to take a share of the profits through copyright royalties for marketable products.

Submissions were split into four categories: decorative items, hotel lobby and shopping mall, Turkish bath and bathroom, and claddings for floors and walls,
We present the award-winning submissions.


One site shows the award-winners at the presentation.

Renderings: Designer

Professional designers, decorative items, Second Prize: Serefraz Akyaman.Professional designers, decorative items, Third Prize: Berat Reha Demir.Professional designers, decorative items, Honorable Mention: Özge Dinç, Kerem Ekinci.Professional designers, hotel lobby and shopping mall, First Prize: Metehan Erdoğdu, Samet Fener.Professional designers, Turkish bath and bathroom, First Prize: Sibel Kılıç.Professional designers, claddings for floor and wall, First Prize: Semih Yılmaz.Professional designers, claddings for floor and wall, Second Prize: Ayşegül Uzunyol, Serdar Soyal.Professional designers, claddings for floor and wall, Third Prize: C. Hamdi Okumuş, E. Yağmur Çebi.Professional designers, claddings for floor and wall, Honorable Mention: Nurullah Kürkçü.Students, First Prize: Barış Taşlık.Students, Second Prize: Metin Özhan.Students, Third Prize: Fidan Hazal Can.Students, Honorable Mention: Evren Yazıcı.Students, Honorable Mention: Çiğdem Karaata, Verda Demirağ.Students, Honorable Mention: Hilmi Yağız Türkyılmaz.The award-winner among the officials, and in the middle, IMIB-President Ali Kahyaoğlu. Left in green the moderator for the event. Photo: IMIB

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