Marble design by Moreno Ratti: part vase part raw block

Moreno Ratti: „Svelata“.

Italian designer gives his „Svelata-Collection“ an unusual shape

Italian design-specialist for natural stone, Moreno Ratti, makes his vases, named „Svelata“ (stripped), ensue from an unworked block of Carrara Marble. The rounded shapes stand in sharp contrast to the angular edges and level exterior worked to exact precision.

Unlike experimental or ornamental pieces, Svelata-Vases do not forfeit their functionality. In fact, the sharp edges contribute to the vase’s stability and provides additional decorative freedom.

Moreno Ratti: „Svelata“.

On the other hand the extra mass restricts their positioning.
Each piece is unique and hand made by a master craftsman.

Moreno Ratti: „Svelata“.

The Collection was compiled by Ratti for Matter of Stuff, a London internet shop for designer products. As member of the jury at Camberwell College of Arts he also worked for the platform.

Moreno Ratti Designer

Matter of Stuff

Photo/Renderings: Moreno Ratti

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