Briefly noted

Turkish Government supports exports by its stone branch in a number of ways. Of late trade fairs such as the Singapore Stone Show are part and parcel of the subsidies: a target country is the site of presentations by Turkish exhibitors to which other foreign exhibitors are also invited. The new „Salon de La Pierre Naturelle“ in Le Bourget, France near Paris January 2017 is one such project. But the show in December 2015 in Singapore was no success: there were few visitors according to the trade magazine Marble Trend (Nr. 36) which is why the Marina Bay Sands Hotel was chosen as a venue for the coming attraction. Organizer is Ladin Fairs, a state-run organization for trade fairs and congresses (1, 2).

Latest news for sculptors: Application is open until September 05, 2016 for the 1st Calatorao Intl Symposium (October 01-07, 2016) for Monumental Art with black marble from Calatorao. Open also (until September 15th, 2016): application for the 6th Intl Symposium on Stone of Durbuy, Belgium (May 19 – June 14, 2016). See our list of symposia.

Italian Natural Stone Company Salvatori has set up a showroom in Sydney, Australia. The company which entertains its headquarters in Milan is known for its outstanding design ideas in natural stone (1, 2).

Concrete slabs for façades with richly structured surfaces are the product of US-based Taktl Company.

A Labradorite with various Ammonites is part oft the collection of Maer Charme, a subsidiary of the Maer Group.

Enchantedlearning is the name of a website offering entertainment while learning for children. The subpage „Geology“ is about volcanoes, soil and stone.

Japanese Architect Go Hasegawa is responsible for the concept behind Pibamarmi Company’s show stand at the Marmomacc 2016. The theme is translucent marble.

BBC reports from Carrara: „Demolishing Michelangelo’s mountain“.

An inscribed column of Persian king Darius I. was found in ancient Greek City Phanagoria in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia.

Canadian officials urge hikers to stop piling up stones in parks to resemble the figures made by indigenous people. The landscape should be left as it is, Radio Canada International reports.

In a comparison of Porcelan Tiles with Natural Stone on the webpage „Mineral Tiles“ the artificial material has all the pros.

Video of the Month: designer Oki Sato of nendo Studio is showing a retrospective of his work in Israel’s Holon Museum. He used a Caesarstone engineered stone for his presentation. Recently he presented his creation „Light and Shadow“ in Marble (1, 2, 3).

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