Influences from the Far East are the focal point of the new Citco Privé Collection

Citco Privé: „Koji“.

Natural stone art objects as elements for exclusive interior design

Seductive Asian influences are the focal point of this year’s Citco Privé Collection. „Koji“, the unmistakable mural is reminiscent of Japan’s symbol, the rising sun. Citco implements satin-finished copper and blue Azul Macaubas intermittently.

Citco Privé: „Volatile“.

As in previous years, a unique tile carpet is part of the new collection. Tri-striped intarsia, hexagonal shapes, and flying herons – another symbol of Japanese culture – form the central element of „Volatile“.

Citco Privé: „Volatile“.Citco Privé: „Volatile“.

The free-flying birds stand in contrast to the stringent geometric shapes surrounding them white marble as well as Sodalite Blue, Nero Assoluto, and Azul Macaubas are the stone types implemented in the composition complemented by polished brass dividers.

Citco Privé: „Hiro“.

„Hiro“ is the name of the mirror available in a number of sizes. The glass is framed in origami-like Carrara Marble miming folded paper. Here again, polished brass complements the composition.

Citco Privé: „Side-by-Side“.

One half of the mirror bearing the name „Side-by-Side“ is made of Emerald Quartzite.

Citco Privé: „Be-Low“, „Be-High“.

„Be-Low“ and „Be-High“, a pair of coffee tables, stand on a slender-legged base of two intersecting Nero Portoro arches. The table tops are made of Arabescato Vagli Oro and are framed in a polished brass border.

Citco Privé: „Damien“.

The table by the name of „Damien“ bears an oval table top in Confusion Dark and much brass golden glitter.


Photos: Franco Chimenti

Rendering: Citco

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(22.08.2016; USA: 08.22.2016)