„Stone Sector 2016“: Marble is all the craze, good opportunities for product design and for use of waste

The IMM Carrara Statistical Yearbook boils down facts and figures and reveals 2015 as a „golden year“

„2015 was another golden year“ for the global stone branch, according to „Stone Sector 2016“, the Statistical Yearbook of the Internazionale Marmi e Macchine Carrara (IMM). 25.7 billion € (28.4 billion US-$) was the turnover achieved equaling an increase of 12.4% compared to one year prior.

Every year Dr. Manuela Gussoni analyses the statistics. What makes her compilation unique is that she distills the value of natural stone goods.

This leads to interesting insights, e.g.: from 2014 to 2015 there was a decrease in turnover by tonnage by some 10% whereas the average p.p.t. increased by 24.4% for the same period.

Expressed another way: stone producing companies have obviously succeeded in convincing clients of the high value of their products.

Considering the fact that natural stone is recognized for its singularity, Manuela Gussoni reports on „a particularly favorable situation for natural stone, especially marble, which is a fashionable material“.

She points out that in architecture (flooring and walls) as well as in interior design (kitchen countertops, tables, etc.) there is a high demand for natural stone products. Particularly product design with natural stone has potential for growth: „innovative furnishing accessories in original shapes“ are likely to corner the interest of clients.

Her interpretation of statistics by value jumbles the ranking of production expressed by ton, albeit slightly. China takes a clear first position and increased its market segment by 7% to 42.4% while simultaneously increasing its exports by a whopping 38%.
Second position is taken by Italy, followed by Turkey and with some distance between by India and Brazil.

Interesting to note in this context that China was the only country to see its margin grow compared to 2014!

This means that many countries will, in fact, not have experienced 2015 as a „golden year“ after all.

„Stone Sector 16“ offers a fitting analysis in macro-economic terms of the global economy and building sector of various countries.

As far as the USA is concerned, this primary target market sees a high fluctuation of stone consumption from one State to another: „in some areas there is ample room for growth“, she writes in conclusion.

She is prepared to take up the cudgels on behalf of design and sustainability: „The use of marble as a precious stone to be used carefully favors the transition of the stone industry into a circular economy whereby even waste, if properly treated, can be reused and enhanced to create an object of particular value.“

„Stone Sector 2016“ (102 pages) elucidates the statistics in English and Italian and can be downloaded as a pdf via IMM Carrara’s site after registration.

By the way, IMM Carrara also functions as a service-provider compiling market analysis and statistics for clients. Queries can be addressed to Dr. Manuela Gussoni (Mail). Clients can also order analysis of stone samples e.g. for CE-Certification. Address queries to Marco Mazzoni (Mail).

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(26.08.2016, USA: 08.26.2016)