OPPDAL Quartzite by Minera Skifer, Norway

Minera Skifer: Oppdal Quartzite.

Name: Oppdal Quartzite

Type of stone: Oppdal quartzite is a medium-grained gneiss-mica slate that is a variant of quartzite slate.

Color: Light grey with colour variations

Quarry: Oppdal near the Dovrefjell mountains, Sweden

Peculiarities: Resistant to frost and acid, weather resistant, tolerates high level of stress.

Surfaces: natural, antique brushed, silk brushed

Edges: sawn, broken, rough broken, natural

Usage: inside, outside

Technical data sheet

Contact: Minera Skifer AS, Engan, 7340 Oppdal, Norway
Phone: +47 72 40 04 00