Natural stone design: basalt tiles with colored glass coating

Nero Sicilia: „Multiplem“.

„Multiplem“ and „Buki“ are two new products by Nero Sicilia of Italy

„Multiplem“ is the name of a new collection by Nero Sicilia comprising wall and flooring tiles in geometric shapes, which can be mixed and matched and invoke a picture of the Chinese puzzle Tangram.

The tiles are made of Sicilian basalt, which, when fired in a kiln, take on a deep black color instead of the normal gray, and are then coated in glass for extra color accents.

„Multiplem“ uses recycled glass reclaimed from former TV or monitor screens. The glass is treated with minerals during smelting to add color.
We had described the process when it was introduced at Nuremberg’s Stone+tec trade fair in 2013.

Nero Sicilia: „Multiplem“.Nero Sicilia: „Multiplem“.

Design by Massimo Barbini and Giovanni Salerno.
A further novelty is „Buki“ – a pun on the Italian word for holes, „buchi“.

Nero Sicilia: „Buki“.Nero Sicilia: „Buki“.

Nero Sicilia

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