50 Granite columns each measuring 12 m in height crafted from a single block

(July 2011) Some offers seem almost too good to be true: 50 granite columns are on sale now in Spain, each crafted from a single block including a base and a capital; all in total 18 m high. The columns were destined for a mammoth real-estate project which could not be completed due to the economic recession in Spain.

The pieces were crafted by Spanish tradesmen over a period of 4 years under the guidance of Antonio Gómez, widely experienced in large building projects on the Iberian Peninsula. Gómez has a number of quarries and production sites at his disposal to complete projects of these dimensions.

Each column comes with a 4 m-high base (in several pieces) and a capital measuring 1.2 m-high. Both the base and the capital are also individually hand crafted. The design is classic with bushhammered surfaces.

The columns are made of Gris Quintana Granite (Petrografic specifications see photos) which was mined in the Quintana quarries of Serena.

The columns, bases, and capitals are currently being stored in the Province of Badajoz patiently waiting for another project of similar dimensions which they can then call home.

The area is an important centre for the Spanish stone industry so there are no logistic challenges regarding transportation: the harbour is a mere 200 km away and transportation to it is available on site.

Due to the present economic situation in Spain there are no suitable projects to accommodate material of these dimensions nor will there be any demand locally in the foreseeable future.

The pieces can be sold as they are or, if the buyer wishes, worked according to demand.

Please contact:

ELABORACION DE PRODUCTOS EN GRANITO, Mr. Antonio Gómez, 06450, Quintana de la Serena (Badajoz) – Spain.

Tf. +34 637 550 869 y +34 685 864 304 – Fax. +34 924786017, Mail

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