Kreoo by Decormarmi: wall and floor coverings in different techniques

Kreoo by Decormarmi.

The Italian company from the Valle del Chiampo at the Southern rim of the Alpes has decorative tiles in various colors and thickness

Kreoo, a brand of Italian company Decormarmi, has a large variety of wall and floor coverings. One of their peculiarities is the different techniques used to realize them. The textures are available in different colors and thickness. We give a brief overview.

Kreoo by Decormarmi: „Graffiti“.

„Graffiti“ uses a technique in which two different marbles are glued one above the other, and via machine the upper is dug up to find the underlying color. Wall covering only.

Kreoo by Decormarmi: „Basrelief“.

The classic „Basrelief“ is a sculptural technique where the shape of marble is sculpted carving the material. Wall covering only.

Kreoo by Decormarmi: „Inlay“.

„Inlay“ is the process that sets marble shapes into a cavity that has been hollowed out of the surface. Endless color possibilities. For wall and floor covering.

Kreoo by Decormarmi: „Ducale“.

„Ducale“ collection: 4 different models are characterized by the inedited approach of marble with other noble materials such as Murano glass, brass and semiprecious stones.

Kreoo by Decormarmi: „Hana“ and „Motion“,

„Hana“ and „Motion“ collection is a rhythm that plays with shape, composition and marble shades. Each one can create its own aesthetic composition by combining 6 basic figures. Composition can be flat or with different thickness (for wall coverings).

The following were the news in 2016:

Kreoo by Decormarmi: „Panama“ and „Texo“.

„Panama“ is composed of stone, and brass or wood, in tubular form. The marble envelops the small tubular creating a weave effect

„Texo“: Marble is molded creating marble strips which are perpendicular interwoven. The space left between one strip and the other allows to inlay other marbles, wood or metal.

Kreoo Covering Collection

Source: Kreeo