Anouska Hempel and Lapicida: plates, bowls and obelisks made of pure white and dark black marble

„Anouska Hempel and Lapicida“: stone plate.

London based interior designer and stone company chose crystalline Thassos White counterpointed by deepest Infinity Black

„Anouska Hempel and Lapicida“ is a collection of household accessories launched autumn 2016. It includes plates, bowls and obelisks made of marble.

Anouska Hempel is an interior designer who opened Blakes Hotel in London in 1982, one of the very first boutique hotels. She has since taken her style worldwide, with Architectural Digest twice naming her amongst the world’s Top 100 Designers.

„Anouska Hempel and Lapicida“: stone bowl.

For this collection, Anouska Hempel chose two extraordinary marbles: purest crystalline Thassos White counterpointed by deepest Infinity Black.

„Inside or out, wherever I am in the world, I start every project with stone. It is the building block of my style. I am intuitively drawn to its nature and decorative potential“, she says, „the pieces I’ve designed with Lapicida can be used in so many ways – and stone makes them truly timeless.”

„Anouska Hempel and Lapicida“: large stone bowl.For the collection, British Lapicida stone design company sourced fine grades of both stones for a manufacturing process involving countless hours of skilled hand finishing.


Anouska Hempel Design

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„Anouska Hempel and Lapicida“: obelisk.