Chocolate that looks remarkably like marble, granite, or limestone

Levantina: „Perception - the origin of senses“.

Spanish Levantina sets the scene to experience natural stone with many senses

Spain’s Levantina had a special surprise in stock for visitors to its stand at Marmomacc: 12 square miniature slabs … of chocolate, available in a gift package. Had the sweets not been wrapped in cellophane, one could have mistaken them for real natural stone.

The delicacy was the creative work of food-artists at Chocolates Utopick, Valencia. Each piece is a work of handicraft and unique as the stone it mimes.
The chocolatiers of Utopick went to great lengths to create exact replicas of different types of stone.

Levantina: „Perception - the origin of senses“. Levantina: „Perception - the origin of senses“.

The give-away for business customers was part of Levantina’s design and sales concept at this year’s Marmomacc Trade Fair. Their motto was „Perception – the origin of senses“ and the scene set by Levantina challenged visitors to perceive natural stone with all their senses.

So it was not farfetched to explore stone with a view to taste potential.
300 packets chock full of sweet stone were commissioned by Levantina. The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that the company is considering ordering another lot.

Spain entertains a long tradition of chocolate creating. It was the seafarers who brought the sweet cocoa and vanilla sweets back from Aztec country Mexico.
Stone was an important commodity over the centuries, e.g. to mill cocoa beans to powder. Stone milled cocoa beans and derivatives were called „chocolate a la piedra“, as can be read in Wikipedia.

Levantina: Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week 2016

Levantina’s Marketing project was not only about South America but also touched on Africa at the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week where fashion designer Jorge Vazquez showed his most recent collection. Levantina designed the cat-walk in zebra stripes using dark Cheyenne granite and light Crema Marfil Coto marble.


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