Which Europeans have the most spending money

Purchasing power Europe 2016.

GfK compiles a ranking of countries by purchasing power

European countries with the greatest purchasing power are also the smallest by surface area as shown in a market research study by the German GfK Company: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Norway lead the throng. Yet population of these countries is low compared to the four heavyweights Germany, Great Britain, France, and Italy.

Purchasing power Ranking Europa 2016.

In total, European consumers had 9.18 billion Euro spending money at their disposal. A whopping 60% of this purchasing power was held by the 4 heavyweights, representing 40 % of the European population.
GfK not only tallied the purchasing power of the 28 member States of the European Union, but also that of all 42 countries of the continent excluding Russia.

Purchasing power of selected countries 2016.

Spain’s purchasing power lies in the middle on average.
The regional split within the countries is also remarkably pronounced.


Tables: GfK

Purchasing power Netherlands 2016.Purchasing power Poland 2016.Purchasing power Hungary 2016.

(10.12.2016, USA: 12.10.2016)