When sculptors work stone with the aid of robots

Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“.

Focal theme of one of Arkad Foundation projects was: the possibilities offer to artists through technical innovation

„Creativity and Robots“ was the title of a project by Fondazione Arkad among others. Its aim was to observe the changes in the artistic process when sculpting is carried out using software and robots or multi-axial CNC machinery.

The project came into being in November 2015 during the course of a one-day conference at the Arkad Foundation Site in Seravezza near Carrara. 200 participants representing art, architecture and design were invited to a series of 10 lectures.

Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“.

Foundation’s Nicolas Bertoux describes his view of the subject: „The robot can generate forms that are absolutely impossible to imagine, to draw and overall to make by traditional carving.” He sees a number of promising possibilities but emphasizes: „The new technologies bring an opening to new possibilities from the planning to the working out of a piece. Yet it is not a solution.”

7 artists, architects and designers participated in the second phase of the project: a workshop in Pietrasanto, Seravezza, Carrara and La Spezia where they were invited to use CAD/CAM-technology to draft marble sculptures and subsequently realize the piece with the help of CNC-machinery.

Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“.

Special attention was focused on specific marks and traces left on the stone’s surface. „Those may be part of the art work, not a result of a standard programming of the working mill. So how can the artist intentionally create such traces?” asks Bertoux.

Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“.

Bertoux does not conceal the fact that technology confronts sculptors with new challenges. „Negative may be the high costs in buying the technology or in maintaining it. Long apprenticeship of the use of the program to be self-efficient.”

We show various works which exemplify challenges and problems and which were part of the firms’ exhibits at this year’s Marmomacc.

Participating artists were:
Sculptors: Nicolas Bertoux, Sylvestre Gauvrit, Polo Bourieau;
Designer and university lecturer: Raffaello Galiotto;
Architect: Michel Boucquillon;
Designer: Filippo Protasoni and Moreno Ratti.

Participating companies:
Marble Studio Stagetti, Studio Corsanini, La Fenice Marmi, Logic Art, Pemart Srl, Marmi Rolla & Marchini, Aldo Pesetti e Studio ARTCO in cooperation with Robotic-Firmen QDesign – The Robotics Solution, T&D Robotics e Roboticom.

Fondazione Arkad

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Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“. Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“. Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“. Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“. Fondazione Arkad: „Creativity and Robotics“.

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