Spanish Macael-Marble-Prize awarded for the 30th time

Logo Award Macael.

The Spanish Award aims to expound quality of the material and productivity of the branch in Andalusia

„Premios Macael“ celebrated the 30th award ceremony this year in honor of the eponymous Spanish marble. The award, „has established itself as one of the most important events in the natural stone sector at national and international level“ according to AEMA-President Antonio Sánchez Tapia at the award ceremony. AEMA is the Andalusian umbrella association representing entrepreneurs of the branch in the region.

Antonio Sánchez Tapia concentrated on two focal points of the award: the aim is to expound and prove quality of the material and productivity of the branch in general. At the same time, the effect locally is to underscore the importance of marble quarrying and production for the economy.

The prize is split into various categories not all of which directly involve implementation of natural stone. A detailed description can be accessed online in the Trade Magazine „el marmól“ in English and Spanish.



Photos: AEMA

International Award for North America: MCA SYSTEMS INC, Bailey Project in Texas.International Award for Latin America: TORRES ALRIO building (Alrio Towers), Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed by Architecture Studio.International Award for Asia: International Award for Asia to INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, JSC, represented by Mr. Alexander Khachanian.International Award for Africa: FOUR SEASONS 5-Star-Hotel, located in Casablanca, Morocco, owned by the INVERAVANTE S.A. Company.International Award for Europe: MARTI & DEBA, S.L., founded and directed by ANGEL MARTINEZ and FRANCISCO UBEDA, NOVYI Kuchuk‐KOY villa in Crimea, Ukraine.Design Award: PARQUE COMERCIAL NEVADA (Nevada Shopping Center), in Armilla, Granada, whose promoter is TOMAS OLIVO LOPEZ.National Award: Sport center ‚RAFA NADAL ACADEMY by MOVISTAR’, located in Manacor, Mallorca. Architect/Designer: DAVID IGLESIAS. Promoter: CENTRE SPORTIU MANACOR.Institution Award: „Foro de Marcas Renombradas Españolas“ (Spanish Brands Forum).Communication Award: HEARTS DESIGN GROUP, represented by their director NEWELL TURNER, with magazines like Elle Decor, House beautiful, Metropolitan Home and Veranda.Antonio Sánchez Tapia, president of AEMA.

(25.12.2016, USA: 12.25.2016)