Moreno Ratti: marble vases on the brink

Moreno Ratti: „inEquilibrio“.

Italian designer uses reclaimed and waist natural stone for his new collection „inEquilibrio“

„inEquilibrio“ (in balance) is the name Moreno Ratti gave his new collection of vases. The shape plays with the equilibrium and mass naturally given in marble.

The inclination of the cylinder is calculated exactly to ensure that the receptacle including water and flowers or plants does not tip. We asked Moreno Ratti whether he is a mathematics aficionado. „On the contrary“, he replied adding a smiley and added: „But we can’t live without it.“

Moreno Ratti: „inEquilibrio“.

But on the subject of waste, of which his noble vases are fabricated, he becomes contemplative, almost stern. He disapproves of the term „waste“: marble, itself, is a valuable material. A negative image of disposable should be avoided at all cost. „It’s a piece of earth“, he emphasizes.

Moreno Ratti: „inEquilibrio“.

The added value of this limited edition comes from the design, part of which is handy craft. The challenge lays in shaping the stone until very thin walls and bottom are left, filigree, yet stable enough to ensure the bottom does not break out. The stone was worked by Atelier Carrara.

The four vases have a diameter of 10 cm each and are 26 cm tall.

Moreno Ratti

Atelier Carrara

Photos: Moreno Ratti

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(10.01.2017, USA: 01.10.2017)