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Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair.

The province of Ceará is becoming a new natural stone center in Brazil. Compared to one year prior, 2016 saw an increase in exports by 40%. The value of exports amounted to 25 million US-$ which was well behind the turnover for the province of Espírito Santo (921.38 million US-$) and Minas Gerais (132.17 million US-$). According to President Carlos Rubens Alencar, the trade Organization Simagran CE is hoping for further growth resulting from the Free Trade Zone at Pecém Harbor and the third Fortaleza Stone Fair Brazil (June 1st to 3rd 2017) to be held in the capital city (portuguese, 1).

The Roxxlyn website is offering protective covers for mobile phones in imitation stone and watches with an imitation stone face

Chilean artist Teresa Moller presented her work with the title „Catch the Landscape“ at the Venice 2016 Biennale. The work deals with landscaping. She arranged groups of little travertine blocks as stools along the quay. The work will be a permanent installation in the lagoon city.

The Hunan Tourist Park in China is the site of glass bridges designed by the office of French Architect Martin Duplantier. The constructions bridge the gap between the impressive limestone rock formations and offer vantage points with a bird’s eye view of the landscape.

In Malaysia, Borneo Oil and Gas Corp Sdn Bhd has entered into sublease and marble quarry operation agreements to acquire seven parcels of quarry land in Lahad Datu, Sabah, according to The Star.

The exhibit „Vertical No Limit“ in the Musée d’Elysée in Paris shows various ways of looking at the high rocks: scientific photography, travel photography, mountaineering photography and fine-art photography (until April 30, 2017).

Is „Marbles“ the correct plural of marble-stone? is discussed on a grammar website.

The granite quarrying in Indian Karimnagar district had a steep decline in exports to China, The Hindu reports.

The basics of Stone Walling for gardening are given on a webpage.

Northumberland’s Prehistoric Rock Art is shown on a webpage also mentioning a book to the topic.

Video of the Month: the making of a marble mirror glaze cake.

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