Folklore from Hungary to Africa on furniture pieces made of Caesarstone

Caesarstone, Jaime Hayon: „Stone Age Folk“.

The Engineered Stone producer cooperated with Jaime Hayon to create experimental design

„Stone Age Folk“ is the title of an installation by designer Jaime Hayon with the Engineered Stone Caesarstone. The experimental pieces of kitchen furniture were shown for the first time at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, January 19-22, 2017.

Caesarstone, Jaime Hayon: „Stone Age Folk“.

To create the 7 countertops, tables and more Hayon took elements from fauna, the natural world, and folklore from different cultures, ranging from Hungarian myths to various African influences.

Caesarstone, Jaime Hayon: „Stone Age Folk“. Caesarstone, Jaime Hayon: „Stone Age Folk“.

The pieces shown in Toronto included „face cabinets”, large scale „bird-like dining tables” and smaller scale coffee tables featuring animated characters alongside a mask. Each handcrafted and uniquely designed piece transformed the material, typically used for kitchen and bathroom surfaces into a highly decorative and precious material used as a fantastical component in creating Hayon’s world, as said in a press release.

Eli Feiglin, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone: „Jaime Hayon’s plunge into experimenting with Caesarstone materials further exposes the boundless possibilities of using our premium surfaces and the way these can inspire unexpected creations in the world of design.”

Caesarstone, Jaime Hayon: „Stone Age Folk“.

Jaime Hayon, Designer: „In working with Caesarstone, I became curious about what’s doable through material and technology. Caesarstone material inspires designers and creatives to think of new ideas and bring novelty and innovation through creativity.”

For Milan Design Week (April 04-09, 2017) Caesarstone will return to Palazzo Serbelloni, where Jaime Hayon will continue developing „Stone Age Folk“ into an architectural scale installation. (MOdS)



Photos: Vickey Lam

Caesarstone, Jaime Hayon: „Stone Age Folk“. Caesarstone, Jaime Hayon: „Stone Age Folk“.