Best of 2016: Design with natural stone

Raffaello Galiotto: „Agave“.

The editors of have compiled articles and reports with the most clicks in 2016

Photo above: „Italian Stone Theatre“ featuring Smart Stone at Marmomacc 2016. Hall 1 shows Italian designers and architects what marble, granite and their cousins can render thanks to modern machines. More

Professional designers, decorative items, First Prize: Müge Öztürk.
Fifth Design Competition of Turkey’s natural stone association IMIB. The opulently endowed contest once more opened the way household items in marble, travertine etc. More

„Aerial“ was the name designers Bjørn van den Berg & Falke Svatum gave their lamps with a base in Lundhs Blue.
Raw blocks are Lundhs’ products, stone design is the tool for the marketing. Norwegian Company has entered into cooperation with designers to bring material closer to the consumer. More

Marsotto Edizioni, Studio nendo: „Gap“.
Marsotto Edizioni, studio nendo: „surprise, irony and delight“ in natural stone product design. The household product forerunner in marble showed his „Light & Shadow“ collection at the Milan Design Week. More

Arik Levy, Citco: „Organvase“.
Citco at this year’s Salone del Mobile: spectacular art work in natural stone. Company takes on new star architects in the circle of its designers. More

Aparentment Disseny: wine holder.
Spanish based Aparentment Disseny: unobtrusive marble products. Designers working with Josep Vilas prefer to allow the material to speak for itself and understate design. More

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