„Tadao“ from Lake Constance instead of a „Lazy Susan“: a dining table with an integrated Chinese-style revolving mid-section platform

Draenert Company combines an element of Asian culinary culture with state-of-the-art German mechanism / Coffee-table „Blow“ brings together marble with free-blown glass

At first glance one might overlook the revolving mid-section set in the table. Draenert of Germany, with headquarters in Immenstaad near Lake Constance, introduced the clever piece of furniture at the IMM Cologne 2017 (January 16-22).

Of course: this is one of the rotating dining tables we know from Chinese dinners at round tables, both practical and popular for large dinner gatherings.

In Asia the rotating center is – according to Wikipedia – a „Lazy Susan“, which, because of its elevation, sometimes obstructs the view across the table or makes it difficult to reach a dish.

Draenert solved the problem with „Tadao“. The mid-section of the table rotates with ease at the swipe of a finger thanks to a state-of-the-art mechanism with integrated precision ball-bearings.

The furniture on our photo has a diameter of 2.40 m and weighs in at 456 kg including the pedestal. Most recently, Draenert delivered a custom-made 3.10 m diameter version weighing 1.5 t to California.

Draenert: „Tadao“.

Listless or bored parties can attempt to match the veins of the marble by rotating the platform – here Fantasy Brown Marble of India.

Draenert: „Blow“.

Another novelty by Draenert shown at the IMM Cologne was the coffee-table „Blow“ which combines marble for the pedestal with free-blown glass for the table top. The table-top is novel in itself. To quote CEO Patrick Draenert on his design: „One trend today is to set an accent in a home with a piece of furniture.“

Draenert: „Blow“.

Interesting from the consumers‘ point of view is the low weight of the furniture, so it can easily be moved, e.g. for cleaning. The glass top comes in colors amethyst, sage-gray, amber and tukan-yellow. The stone is available in the white Italian marble varieties Calacatta, Carrara, or Bardiglio and in the black limestone Nero Marquina. Designer is Stephan Veit.

Draenert: „Adler“.

New, too, „Sockel 8“ (Pedestal 8) for the table by the name of „Adler“ (Eagle). The stainless steel pedestal, available in mat, brushed, or enameled is the work of designer Gino Carollo. The table-top is available in 180 stone and wood varieties. The table is renowned for its clever extension mechanism

Draenert: „Fontana“.

„Fontana“, also equipped with a mechanism distinguished with numerous awards, is now also available in a variety of wood tops as well as the stone selection previously on offer.

Among the other novelties, „Dexter“ the chair and „Nobile“ the bench (photos below). Both are leather upholstered in any of 3 leather types and 91 colors.


Photos/Renderings: Draenert / Peter Becker

Draenert: „Dexter“.Draenert: „Nobile“.

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