Purapietra: „Textures 3.0“ helps classic natural stone structures attain new heights

Purapietra, „Textures 3.0“: „Gotha“.

The creations can more fittingly be categorized as art rather than as industrial design according to the Italian-based company

„Textures 3.0“ is the name of the collection with new surface-structures by Italian-based Purapietra Company. Its aim: to help stone attain a whole new impact. The creations are more at home in the realm of art than in industrial design according to a press release.

Purapietra, „Textures 3.0“: „Gotha“.

„Gotha“ is the name of one of the tiles with reference to the Baroque, albeit with geometric shapes. The embossed surfaces are polished.

Purapietra, „Textures 3.0“: „Planeta“.Purapietra, „Textures 3.0“: „Planeta“.

„Planets“ has a mat surface with circular „orbital“ patterns (press-release).
The tiles are available in a number of stone types. (MOdS)


(25.03.2017, USA: 03.25.2017)