Marble vases like children’s paper cut-outs

Moreno Ratti: „Recisi“.

Designer Moreno Ratti uses his „Recisi“ Collection to refer to play experiences capable of changing our world

Classic-style vases usually take off on the shape of antique amphorae. The basic shape can be compressed or stretched or its opening can be relocated but the design-possibilities are limited if the results are not to appear forced.

Carrara’s Moreno Ratti, specialist for marble-design takes an entirely new approach toward the amphora-shape: he pretends that the white marble is a sheet of paper and cuts it up as if with a pair of scissors.

Moreno Ratti: „Recisi“.

The result is a hemi-amphora, cut in half by means of a water jet applied to the raw block and in which an opening is cut to accommodate the plant or flower.

Ratti himself draws the analogy to child’s play and paper cut-outs from the experience that cut-outs can often be reassembled in entirely new combinations and ways. Children draw important basic experience of the world and means of influencing design from cut-outs.

Moreno Ratti: „Recisi“.

As usual with Ratti, „Recisi“, as the vases are called, is all about recycling waste from marble production.

Ratti himself avoids the use of the term „waste“: even as left-overs from quarry production, natural stone loses nothing of its aura and magic, he emphasizes.
Ratti sees his mission as a designer in reclaiming the value of stone waste. (evma)

Moreno Ratti

Photos/Renderings: Moreno Ratti

Moreno Ratti mit den „Weißen Bergen“ von Carrara im Hintergrund.

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