Stone conservation field school at the Sainte-Marie among the Hurons National Historic Site, Canada

Second year Willowbank student Justine Southam carefully removes original hearthstones. Photo: Crystal Bossio, 2016

Willowbank offers a three-weeks course in June 2017 with focus on the conservation of a 1639 stone fireplace remains, the earliest European masonry located in Ontario

Willowbank educational institution in Canada will run a Stone Conservation Field School at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons National Historic Site in Midland, Ontario, from June 10 to June 30 2017. The field school will focus on the conservation of the 1639 stone fireplace remains located on the site. It is the earliest European masonry located in Ontario and together with other archaeological remains, form the basis of the National Historic Site designation.

„This field school allows Willowbank to develop conservation skills training through a cultural landscape lens here in Ontario,” says Crystal Bossio, Executive Director of Willowbank, „we have collaborated on international field schools in the United Kingdom and Italy and we are incredibly pleased to open our first field school in Canada.”

Willowbank is an advanced private educational institution located on the Canada-U.S. border in Queenston, Ontario. Bringing an entirely new approach to learning, Willowbank runs a three-year diploma program that champions an interdisciplinary approach to heritage conservation, and is generating graduates able to integrate sustainable development, traditional knowledge and contemporary design.

Willowbank’s School is complemented by the work of the Willowbank Centre for Cultural Landscape, which aims to understand the complex connections between natural and cultural heritage. The institution has also given dynamic new purpose to one of Canada’s National Historic Sites, the heart of Willowbank’s campus, and one of the world’s most unique classrooms. Willowbank has enjoyed the patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales since 2014.


Sainte-Marie among the Hurons site and Huronia Historical Parks

(18.04.2017, USA: 04.18.2017)