Austrian stonemasons‘ design award for innovative design ideas in natural stone indoors and out

Stein Schwarz GmbH.

The title alone is the reward which the shop is entitled to use for its own advertising for the duration of one year

Austria’s design prize for outstanding innovative design ideas in natural stone and quality of work is awarded yearly.

We show some of the award-winning pieces.

One prize went to Stein Schwarz Company for its refurbishing of the Mörbisch-am-See Chapel Altar. The concept is the creative child of artist Heinz Ebner, christened „Wandel“ (vicissitude).

Stein Schwarz GmbH.

The baptismal font transgresses from its round receptacle to a triangular foot.
5 t raw blocks were the starting point and were brought into rough shape with the help of a 5-axis CNC and hand finished.

Stein Schwarz GmbH.

The challenge was to make the cross-over obvious while avoiding Schlieren or streaks on the surface.

Stein Schwarz GmbH (German)

Schreiber und Partner Natursteine.

Another award-winner was Schreiber and Partner Natursteine with their Woodworkers’ Showroom. A bar with shop counter in Nero Assoluto and Sequoia Brown each with a leather finish was the focal point of the work. Architect Georg Eichinger points out that the bar can be adapted to the needs of the hour serving for a variety of uses. During the day, as can be seen on our photo, it can be an island of tranquility for coffee-drinking or impromptu meetings.

Schreiber und Partner Natursteine.

In the evening, the backdrop can be lowered and the front moved forward turning the construction into a cocktail bar which allows the Sequoia Brown section to move to the fore.

Schreiber und Partner Natursteine (German)

Steinmetzmeister Dietmar Steller.

Master stonemason Dietmar Steller was awarded a prize for his outdoor installation on the grounds of a family dwelling. „When I come home, I want to feel as if I were on vacation“ was the client’s wish. Steller used masonry stones, cobble stones and run-offs in Italian Gneiss. The monolithic stone originates from Upper Austria.

Steinmetzmeister Egger (German)

Steinmetzmeister Egger.

Master stonemason Egger was responsible for the refurbishment and interior design of the St. Lorenz Chapel. He was awarded a prize for the Altar among other elements: The parish priest had asked for it to incorporate at rift from top to bottom which he drew on the raw block. But the rift on the front of the block did not mirror the rift on the back. With the help of a computer both lines were fed into the program and the wire saw was set into motion…

Steinmetzmeister Egger (German)


An onyx bathroom by Stone4you in Hollabrunn: to accommodate the wishes of the landlord, rare green onyx with special structural design was implemented. The floor is covered in a color coordinated terrazzo. A shower is integrated behind the bathtub area and is separated from the bath by a free-standing wall. Its interior construction is a steel scaffolding capable of carrying the weight of the stone slab cladding, and, at the same time, disguises plumbing, etc.

Stone4you (German)


A complete presentation of award winning works and design (German)

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(27.04.2017, USA: 04.27.2017)