Stone art and stone design on show at the Carrara Studi Aperti during the weekend of June 03-04, 2017

Carrara marble quarry.

Studios and workshops will be open with craftspeople and designers informing about their latest creations

Carrara Studi Aperti is a showcase for artists and craftspeople in Carrara during the weekend of June 03-04, 2017. It takes place for the 4th time and will promote the excellence of the region in stone art and stone design, among other crafts.

More than 50 workshops and 150 artists will show their works and give examples of how they realize their ideas.

Two of the participating stone designers are Moreno Ratti and Paolo Ulian. Both create everyday products made of Carrara marble. Their special focus is on using scraps resulting from usual stone processing.

Carrara Studi Aperti, June 03-04, 2017 (Italian)

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