CT Lights company of Athens: Lighting in Marble

Chris Basias: „Sottsass“.

Chris Basias entertains a studio in Athens. He was one of the few aspiring young designers at the Salone Satellite Hall 25 section of Salone del Mobile (April 4th to 9th 2017) who dared use natural stone.

Basias is the founder of Studios CT Lights, which, as the name implies, designs lamps and lighting elements. In the case of the Milan exhibits, marble was the prime material.

Distinguishing characteristic of all objects in the „Essorropia“ (Equilibrium) Collection was their mobility. „And every piece contains a concealed story waiting to be told“, he said in an interview.

Chris Basias: „Azou“.

The story behind „Azou“, e.g., is easily grasped: the way back home from the last trade fair took Basias to points throughout Europe. He chose to hold on to the impressions in form of lighting, each piece of which represents a stop on the map.

In his self-presentation he emphasizes that his creations all incorporate a touch of playfulness and some rapport to his childhood in the Greek countryside.

CT Lights

Photos: Chris Basias

Chris Basias: „Helen“.Chris Basias: „Helen“.Chris Basias: „Libra“.Chris Basias: „Libra“.Chris Basias: „Libra“ (detail).Chris Basias: „Rune“.Chris Basias: „Vanity“.Chris Basias: „Vanity“ (detail).Chris Basias.

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