MIA+BSI: call for stone professionals as speakers in courses for architects and interior designers

Photo from „Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford“ TV show about outdoor kitchen installation: host Danny Lipford (right) and an expert from Stone Interiors company. Photo taken from „The Cutting Edge” magazine (May/June 2017) by MIA+BSI.

The Natural Stone Institute calls its members to train their target group about natural stone / Presentation materials and training resources are provided

The Natural Stone Institute: MIA+BSI (Marble Institute of America (MIA) and Building Stone Institute (BSI) have entered into a joint venture) is coming out with a new idea for the promotion of stone: in its „The Cutting Edge“ magazine (issue May/June 2017) is published a call for members to become lecturers in courses for architects and interior designers. Such professionals – like doctors, teachers, or engineers, among others – have to attend a certain number of classes to gain continuing education units (CEU) to maintain the license in their profession.

The idea creates a win=win-situation for all:
* courses about natural stone gives the target group the needed credits and improves „that they are ready to use stone in their next project“, as said in the magazine in a report titled „What’s New With CEU?“;
* stone professionals as lecturers will be put in direct contact with their potential customers;
* initiatives like this bring tie members closer to their organization (which is one of the key issues in North American associations, as Jane Bennett from BSI expresses in a note in the magazine).

Of course, the challenge in this concept is to secure professionalism in teaching, not only the passion for the topic coming from the lecturers. For this reason, MIA+BSI gives support: „You will be provided with presentation materials and training resources“, according to the magazine, „all administration is handled by MIA+BSI staff, including recording attendance and registering CEU credits for attendees.“

Natural Stone Promotional Campaign

Another of MIA+BSI’s promotional activities is the „Natural Stone Promotional Campaign“ (NSPC) which acquired roughly US-$ 350,000 from members’ contributions in 2017. In a note in the magazine MIA’s Jim Hieb mentions some highlights from the last 12 months (see table below), among them the the webpage Usenaturalstone.com:

Source: MIA+BSI

A new initiative, also introduced in the magazine, will include television into the campaign: in „Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford“, the most important home improvement show according to the report, an episode about outdoor kitchen installation will be aired on June (3/4) and will be repeated on August 26/27. Stone Interior company located in Loxley, Alabama provided the stone and the installation services for the filming.


Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford

Translation: pebe

(28.05.2017, USA: 05.28.2017)